Bankroll Management when Playing Slot Machines

Like any game of “chance”, slot machines ask the player to risk their money on each spin of the reels. Many people talk about the addictiveness of slots playing, and admit to larger losses than they could sustain.

When playing slot machines it is important to establish a few personal ground rules before slipping a coin or club card into the first machine:

Pick a game and machine wisely – There are hundreds of varieties of slot machines available. Most will have their “payback percentage” printed somewhere on the machine. This lets a player know what the theoretical losses for playing the machine could be. For example, a loose machine, set at ninety five percent payback, could allow a player to enjoy a smaller risk to their money. Also, a player should consider among the single and multiple pay line machines, as some require significantly higher bets on a spin to qualify for the jackpot awards.

Establish a budget – Basically this primary rule of bankroll management just asks the player to review their own personal budget to see how much they can afford to put into active play, or “risk. Then to establish a fixed limit for any scenario of a slot machine game. Primarily any player must only allow themselves a set amount of money to use, and this can be as small or as large as they’d like, but it must be affordable.

Set limits – Determine maximum loss and win amounts before playing. What this means is deciding how much a player is willing to lose on a single machine before moving to a new one. Some players are comfortable losing twenty to thirty percent of their bankroll on a single slot machine, and others limit their losses as low as five or ten percent before moving on. Maximum winnings should also be determined. In fact, a player should periodically count their winnings, and if they are “ahead” they should remove their profit entirely from active play.

Join the slots clubs – If you will be frequently visiting a casino it is a great idea to enroll in their slots club. This usually is a free service, and provides a card that the player inserts into the slot machines they play. These cards send electronic records to the casino and will initiate all kinds of “comps” or rewards for a player’s continual visits. Comps can include everything from credits or coins to play, to airfare, meals and free tickets to events in the casino or nearby area.

Understand the game – Finally, it is important for anyone planning on playing slot machines to remember that they are games of chance and risk and in order to manage a bankroll effectively a player must understand the rules of the machine. Any player should thoroughly read and understand the payout tables of the machines they will play in order to maximize their potential winnings. Some machines require a maximum number of line bets, or coins before the player has access to the jackpot. Others allow for flexible wagers as low as one penny and as high as ten or twenty dollars per credit or coin.