Fruit Slots

In brief, fruit machines are slots that use footage of different kinds of fruit. When a player pulls the handle or presses a button, the reels spin around, and the player wins when the results of the same type are aligned. The most simple fruit machines have 3 reels and just one win-line, whereas the more modern variations have 5 reels and multiple win-lines. In case of doubt, each game includes the instructions critical to win.


The payout for fruit slots depends upon how much you bet and how many win-lines you choose to play. More win-lines mean greater possibilities, but also cost more.

The well-liked misunderstanding is that games like poker or Blackjack result in better pay outs to players compared with fruit slots. In fact, just the reverse is right. The best internet casinos pay back to players 97% to 99% and rely to great numbers of players to make their profits. On top of that, great jackpots can be yours and what it takes is a single lucky spin.

Where to Play

To play fruit slots, you can go to a land casino or a boozer with pokies, or remain at home and play on the web. There are several benefits to playing at home. When you select your online casino carefully, the welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards and other perks can make a big difference in your bottom line, and this is something that players at regular casinos can only dream about.

Richard Wilson is the betting authority and contributor for Aussie Web Pokies. Enjoy completely free fruit slots or play for cash with the best online deals available. and yet slots continue to be the game of choice for the great majority of people. Because of their simpleness and fast-moving graphics people like to play them more than any other casino game. Some people literally spend several hours fixed to the fruit slots and playing one game after another.