Online Bingo

It was not that long ago that most people who set out to Online bingo sties online were simply looking for a free place to play bingo while they made new friends and enjoyed chatting with them. For centuries bingo has been one of the few games that is more about making friends than it is about who actually wins the game. The great thing about bingo is that with some many players and cards there are multiple chances to win every time you play. Today’s online bingo is played with each player running several cards at the same time and either relying on automatic daubing or doing it themselves.

The Early Days

In the beginning online bingo was used by many different sites as a way to get more people to stop in and check out the other things they offer on the sites such as pay to play games or as sales gimmicks. Many sites offered free bingo games for people to play while they got to know each other in chat rooms, the games were offered as something to do instead of just sitting there in the chat room talking to each other. People could online bingo games and find the one they wanted to play with their friends.
Some of these early sites offered prizes that you could win by collecting points for the games that you won. Others simply awarded the points as a way to rank yourself against of other players and were either stored the next time you visited or erased every time that you logged out. For the most part these games of bingo were more about having a little harmless fun while you socialized with a few friends.

Modern Age Bingo

These days if you Online gambling sites looking for something different to do, you are likely to find dozens of sites that have moved on from the free bingo games as a way to bring in new customers to providing pay to play games with some very serious prizes both in cash and other awards. In most cases you can start playing online bingo for a very small investment; each bingo card does not have to not have to cost very much and you only have to buy as many cards as you want to.

For many the name of the game is still to make new friends, connect with old friends but at the same time play bingo for real money and some incredible prizes. Online bingo has come a long way from the game your grandmother used to play down at the local bingo hall or at the church on a week night. Where your grandmother might play for a few pounds or dollars, you can now play online for hundreds if not thousands and many full line online casinos offer huge jackpots to attract top bingo players.

More than Just Bingo

One thing that you will notice if you online bingo sites online is that bingo is not the only game being played. While bingo may be the main game, it can be a little on the boring side since many of the casinos and bingo sites use automatic card marking systems to make sure that no one misses a win. To help keep players interested and coming back the casinos offer side games that are played in between the regular bingo games. Usually the prizes are not very big, they are more to keep the players interested and hanging around to buy more bingo cards.

While it costs money to play the bingo games, the side games are a free bonus and controlled by the bingo caller. The majority of bingo sites offer live chat rooms that have a limited number of players to increase your chances of winning, some of the bingo sites do offer their players private rooms that they can invite only their friends into. While the rooms may be private the prizes are still the same as they would be if you were in a regular public room. If you like to play bingo going to an online bingo site or casino can bring a completely new dimension to the game for you. You can play from the comfort of your home; win cash and prizes while making new friends all over the world.