Live Betting

Unlike traditional betting that only allows bets to be placed before tip-off, ‘Live Betting’ lets you bet on the game as it’s taking place. You can bet on everything from the winner of the game or half to the person you think will score the next three pointer. Along with the many betting options comes live, up to the second odds to let you know the exact payout of each wager.

Live Odds

Each second brings new odds for every betting option. For instance, you can bet on which team will score next. Of course the team currently with the ball is going to have a much lower payout than choosing the defending team, but that’s where your sports fan intuition comes into play. The other team has the ball, but you already know that they’re about to throw up a brick, so you bet that the other team will score first and lock in your wager while the odds are still in your favor.

Live Basketball Data Feeds

You can see constantly updating odds in our Live Basketball Data Feeds section. Get Live odds on all NBA, NCAA, and Women’s basketball games currently in-running, featuring live lines, futures, and props.

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