Roulette Basics

Roulette and card games are some of the most popular casino games in Americas and world wide today. The exciting game of roulette has influenced almost every casino around the world. The game of roulette is by far one of the simplest gambling games to play, and people from beginners to veterans can all have fun placing bets on a game of roulette. Unlike card games which generally involve some skills of sort, the roulette wheel is entirely dependent upon chance. Every single spin of the roulette wheel is independent from the previous spin.

The Roulette Table

The roulette table is made up of 37/38 Pockets, depending on the casino (or online website). When the table is spun, the croupier/dealer, representing the casino/house, will drop a ball in. The hole that the ball lands in pays out bets on it. The croupier has no stake in the game, and does not care if you win or lose. Statistically the house will win in the long run, so no particular wager has more importance then the previous wager. The primary numbers in the game are 1 through 36, with alternating red and black colors (starting with red). The roulette wheel also has a 0, which is green. (some wheels also feature a double 0). The payout on single numbers is very large at 35 to 1, some risky players may also bet on numbers, colors, or place “line bets” (bets that lay across multiple numbers).

Types of Roulette Bets and Odds

The table below outlines several popular types of Roulette Bets along with their odds and average payout. It’s important to note that while you can create any bet you would like at real casinos, many casino’s choose to limit your maximum bet. Additionally while your wager can range anywhere from $.25 to $100, the payout ratio stays the same.