Roulette Rules

One of the most popular and recognizable casino games, Roulette is named after the French word meaning ‘little wheel’. The rules of Roulette are reasonably simple, the game features a wheel which contains black and red slots numbered from 1-36 and one green slot numbered 0. Sitting in front of the wheel is a table which also features the numbers and a range of different sections on which you can place bets. After all players have placed their bets the wheel is spun and the dealer throws in a small ball, after a tense interval whilst the ball spins and bounces it settles in a slot which is the winning number for that game.

Types of bets

In Roulette you can bet on a single number or on different groups of numbers, there are many different ways to bet all of which come with different odds for winning and different payouts, it follows that the more numbers you bet on, the better chance you have of winning so therefore the payout will be lower. There are two main categories of betting in Roulette:

Inside bets

The main part of the Roulette table features all of the numbers from 0-36 bets placed on these numbers are known as inside bets. There are a number of different inside bets which can be placed, these include a ‘straight’ bet where you bet on a single number, a ‘split’ bet where you bet on two adjacent numbers placing your chip on the numbers’ shared line and a ‘corner’ bet achieved by placing your chip on the shared corner of four numbers.

Outside bets

Outside bets are bets placed on the different sectors sitting outside of the numbers on the Roulette table. These include:

Red or Black, bet on the color of the winning number.

Odd or even, bet on the winning number being odd or even.

1-18 or 19-36 bet on whether the winning number will fall in either of these number groups.

1st, 2nd or 3rd twelve, bet on which of three sections of 12 will contain the winning number.

Columns, bet on which of the three columns on the table will contain the winning number.