Live Betting

Unlike traditional betting that only allows bets to be placed before tip-off, ‘Live Betting’ lets you bet on the game as it’s taking place. You can bet on everything from the winner of the game or half to the person you think will score the next three pointer. Along with the many betting options comes ... Read More

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour

Always Prepare to Win at Blackjack! Or Else Blackjack is a game that has been played in casinos for years, and always against the house. In land casinos, blackjack was always a major favorite of the casino management simply because they always won. Not that the rules were slanted excessively in favor of the house; ... Read More

Online poker card game

Playing poker has long since become popular among those who enjoy leisure. Yet today it is very hard, or even impossible to visit a casino, take part in a tournament and find decent contestants. In that case the only way out is virtual poker. The following computer poker games are presented on our website: Texas ... Read More

Play Roulette Online

Roulette is a valuable source of trusted and updated information on online Roulette casinos. We strive hard to collect and present reviews, on some of the finest online Roulette casinos. At casino Roulette Diary, you get to learn everything you ever wanted to know about online Roulette game and its variants, through our game based ... Read More

Texas Holdem Poker Combinations

Prior to being defined with such probability poker combinations, let us understand the main and most important importance’s of playing poker cards with a standard 52-card pack. Extra cards, by means of decrease of their value-advantage are the ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. In fact, there is ... Read More

Variants of Roulette

Roulette is an exciting and enticing casino game played in every casino. Earlier Roulette was played in land based casino. People only knew one type of Roulette, but with time there has been advancement in this game and many other variations of Roulette came in existence. With the introduction of Internet, Roulette has become a ... Read More

Poker Strategies

There is no doubt that Poker is amongst the most famous card games. The game of poker has following variations- Pineapple poker, fixed limit poker, spread limit poker, no limit/pot limit poker, seven card stud poker, and razz poker. Let us discuss different strategies regarding the game of poker. The game of poker is not ... Read More