Online Roulette

It’s time to head to the wheel of fortune and hedge your bets on a lucky number and play Roulette online. Online Roulette is one of the simplest games to play at Online Casino, and if you’re an absolute beginner then you’ll be able to learn in no time at all and play Online Roulette in a matter of minutes! You can play traditional European Roulette, and the American and French versions of the game online here.

You can hedge exactly the same types of wagers as in a casino when you play Online Roulette. As normal, the board allows you to bet on the chances of your numbers coming up, and you can bet on any number of combinations – just hope that the ball falls in the right compartment for you to win!

Learn the rules and work out a strategy on the practice table, place your chips at the instant casino, or download our FREE Online Casino software to start playing Online Roulette straight away. Set up a real money account with Online Casino for the chance to win big money.

Online Roulette Games

Online Casino we give you a choice of Roulette games to heighten your gaming experience. Our selection of Roulette games are available both in our free software download casino, along with our no download casino. Game boards and betting options may change from game to game so that you can get your full online Roulette game experience.

Registering with Online Casino is easy, and once you have completed the form you can get started straight away on our no download casino. This limited casino option, which includes over 100 different games, includes European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette. The difference between the three is that American Roulette includes an extra number on the game board – 00. You will also be able to play Roulette with a live dealer on the no download casino.

When you download Online Casino’s free online software package, you will have an even greater choice of Roulette games. You can again select from European, French or American Roulette, but you will have the further choice of playing Roulette Royale and Gold Series Roulette games which will give you increased betting options.

One thing you’ve got to remember when you play Roulette games – it really is a game of chance! You can increase the odds into your favor by betting across a number of options and groups of numbers, but ultimately it’s all down to the luck of where the ball lands on the wheel.

How to play Online Roulette

Roulette attracts many players at any casino simply due to it being so easy to learn how to play. Roulette is a game wholly based on chance, as you can never know which number the ball will land on in the roulette wheel. The more complex elements of the game come from the types of wager placed on the game board, but with Online Casino these are very easy to understand.

In roulette you can place bets on individual numbers, groups of numbers, the color of a number, and whether or not your number will be odd or even. Interactive Roulette boards make it very easy to see which groups of numbers you will be betting on, because they light up if you hover over a particular option. From there you can place chips anywhere on the board, including the lines between numbers if you want to bet on a pair or quartet of numbers.

A few of the bets, such as color, or odds and evens bets, offer odds of 1:1, meaning if you put £1 on and win, you will receive £2 back. You can also bet on individual numbers, which give a return of 37:1 on a European board, and 38:1 on an American because of the extra 00 figure.