Top Progressive Online Slots

Progressive Slots are UK online casino players dreams. Every time someone places a bet/deposits money on certain slots the jackpot counter increases, until someone hits the jackpot and wins the money, once a jackpot has been hit, the counter starts over again. Casino UK’s top three Progressive Slots are:

Mega Moolah
The Dark Knight

Common Slot Terms and Symbols

Fruit machine: For many players the term fruit machine refers to an old fashioned slot game. However, as time has passed so have slots, with new names such as online slots, video slots, pokies, 3-Reel and 5-Reel slots.

One armed bandits: This term is commonly used in referring to a slot machine with a handle bar to spin the reels. As time has progressed one arm bandits have become ornaments to represent old school slot machines.

Coin hopper: The container where coins are held and then released when money needs to be dispensed.

Drop bucket: When the coin hopper is full, the drop bucket is used to hold the excess coins.

Rollup: A rollup refers to the sounds made by a slot machine to dramatize the win while the money is being counted.

Stakes: A Stake is the wager you place on a slot game.

Poker machines: Also known as video poker, operate the same way as slot machines, however with a poker game.

Examples of symbols: Each game comes with various symbols, whether it be of characters from a theme or simple symbols such as animals, fruits and numbers.

In certain cases, financial transactions are handled directly by provider-affiliated wire money services.

Where Should I Go?

Before you deposit any real money into an account at any online casino, you should spend a little time doing research. Read through the various online casino reviews to see what others are saying about them. There are online forums that feature open discussions among casino patrons that will help you get a feel for the different casinos to see which ones have the best offers and offer the highest odds of winning.

At the same there are blacklists that are updated constantly to let you know which online casinos have been found to be poor quality, general rips offs or just offer poor customer service. These are definitely casinos that you should avoid at all costs, once an online casino has been blacklisted the owners must work very hard to be removed and in many case do not succeed.

While gambling at an online casino may sound like a lot of fun, you need to remember that you are still gambling with real money and you need to set yourself a limit. You should never gamble with any money that is supposed to pay your bills and that you cannot afford to lose. While jackpots may be extremely high, so are your odds of winning substantially, play using good common sense and play for fun and entertainment rather than going in thinking you are going to get rich.