Video Slot Machines

Today’s development of electronics makes it possible to produce an almost unlimited number of new varieties of slot machines. They usually have five parallel discs with a different image on each rim. These are virtual drums rotating on the video monitor.

Such machines have from 1 to 40 or more (occasionally – up to 100) winning lines; payment is realized according to the combination of all lines. Slots online Certain combinations of numbers bring the player to win in casino great.

Slot machines differ from each other both by the laws of a game (chance to further increase the money you win, a system of bonuses, jackpots, play casino online) and by the design of a case and game software

Video Poker. Casino online

First-generation the machine was equipped with a coin acceptor acting as a button and a seven-segment display showing a winning combination. Original retail price was roubles, with 5 rubbles of fixed-rate, giving its owner 1 rubble 25 kopeks for each game at 75% return. Slot machines. Coupled with a low cost to start a business, they even led to the expulsion of other tenants of small premises. To control “columns”, “CSI” used PC, and “SIGMAS” used MPU plate. There was a variety of both circuit and external designs of the “columns”. Play Casino. A particular case of “column” was a so-called “daisy” – a street construction of the metal frame and wall panels with modules of “columns” and, sometimes, video slots installed on its sides.

Newer versions were actually the variations of the traditional video slot in casino internet with a reduced number of buttons (the “Pay Table” and “Cash” buttons were removed, each choice (lines/rates) was realized by one click) and CRT monitor. The operator inside the construction could not see the player until the demand of payment at the cash machine (or until the coin exchange at the coin machine), but the non-controlled observation of the player formed a negative opinion of the society. Slot machines online some of such constructions were later redeveloped into stalls.