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Here you will find all the information you need to know about No Limit Texas Holdem. According to Doyle Brunsen, 2-time World Series of Poker Champion, No Limit Holde’m is the Cadillac of poker! Whether you are here to learn about No Limit Texas Hold’em for the first time, or you are an avid player, this website will make you a better poker player. We have done our research and have put together many pages of quality information that you will no doubt find interesting and helpful.

To browse through our information, use the Poker Tips/Lessons link at the top of the page. You will see that we have split the tips into two sections: Beginner and Advanced. Our beginner tips will go through the basics of No Limit Hold’em such as rules of play, table arrangement, blinds, etc. Our advanced tips are designed to help those who already have a solid grasp of the game, but want to improve their performance. We will cover topics such as reading bluffs, pot odds, how to play specific hands, styles of play against specific opponent types, etc.

Also, with the popularity of Online Poker, we will cover specific tips on how to succeed with online poker in a separate section. Since playing poker online is so convenient and popular, it is most likely that you will find this section most interesting. Although there are a lot of Online Poker sites that do not allow US players, there are still some poker sites that do allow US players, such as Doyle’s Room. There is a link to Doyle’s Room on the top left.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you find the material both helpful and interesting. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at A fish, weak-tight players, the maniac, the rock, and strong-aggressive players. Try to find a Texas Hold’em image description that conveys your style of play or opponents you’ve played with. But remember, just like the article, your opponents may use their table image to throw you off to make you believe they are something that they are not.

  1. A Fish:

The weakest Texas Hold’em image and player there is. Also, the most prevalent, fishes have poor hand selections and will call just about anything (also known as calling stations). This person has very little skill or discipline, investing in too many hands, and hoping for a lucky break. Chips are earned mainly from these players.

However, fish players enjoy the bluffing element of poker, so don’t be surprised if a fish tries to make a move with nothing or slow-playing by checking the best hand. Basically, a fish is just a bad player. You can’t bluff a bad player. When a fish has some kind of hand and is still in the pot, it’s obvious he’s got something. Play straight forward – no tricks or fancy plays against these players.

  1. Weak-Tight:

These players understand the fundamentals of winning at poker and have better hand selection, but with one exception – they’re afraid. They are quite passive and will often check or call rather than bet or raise. They fear losing a pot with an average hand and getting bullied around with raises. This Texas Hold’em image may seem easy to bully around, but are capable of trapping you later on. It’s better to lead with a bet if you’re acting before the weak-tight opponent rather than check. When you bet into a weak-tight player, their common reaction would be just calling or folding. If they fold, great, if they call, they’re probably holding a decent hand, but are afraid to bet or raise at the pot because they’re skeptical they might lose the pot. So making a strong play at the Turn would scare them away.

  1. Maniac:

Also known as a loose-aggressive Hold’em player, these players play as many hands as fishes but are inclined to raise and re-raise. It’s quite difficult to tell if they are bluffing or not. They are known to bully players around, but isolating these players by re-raising them off guard or having a decent hand will scare them away. Play tight against these opponents and trap these players to knock them out.

Play strong hands against these opponents or play a hand if you can see the flop for cheap, and if you hit a good hand on the flop, lead off with a bet. The maniac may try to playback and raise, but if you have a considerable hand, then don’t be shy to re-raise to make them second think about their move.

  1. The Rock:

Super tight Hold’em player who only plays premium hands. They play so few hands, that when they do limp in or call a bet, you’ll know exactly what they have. Also known as the predictable player. So when a rock raises or calls your bet, you should have alarms flashing in your head that you’re up against a premium hand. It’s best to stay out of the way when these players raise pre-flop. But knowing these players only hold big hands preflop, flops with no aces or face cards can be most profitable for you, knowing your rock opponent didn’t hit, unless they hold high pockets. Try to bet a substantial amount to take the pot down.

  1. Strong-Aggressive:

These Hold’em players are at the top of the pyramid: Strategic and tactically sound players with the ability to adapt and change gears in every game. They have control over the tables and are much more eager to bet at the pot rather than call. They change pace at any time, making them very unpredictable and feared by their opponents.