Playing Roulette

The game of roulette can be fascinating and it does allure many players to try out playing the game. With its colorful wheel and complex roulette table, it exudes an intriguing aura among casino gamblers. But beyond this external surface of the roulette game lie a fascinating game on a wheel of luck. Similar with the other casino games, the game of roulette can be gracefully played with good etiquette and appropriate manner.

The croupier of the roulette wheel allows players to have an ample time to place their bets for about 60 seconds between each spin of the roulette wheel. Players should grab this chance to place their bet since no more bets will be entertained by the croupier when the betting time lapses and after the croupier announces there will be no more bets. At this point it would be inappropriate to beat the dealer’s announcement and insist on placing more bets on the roulette table. It is wise to wait for the next spin to place a bet. When the ball already drops to the slot of the winning number, wait for the croupier to pay all winnings and to announce that players can now place their bets.

During payout, players are prohibited to touch their chips until the croupier finished paying the winners. This may be a ground for a player’s removal from the roulette venue with casinos very strict on the implementation of this guideline. The buy in procedure also plays an important etiquette to observe. Roulette players are expected to make a buy-in since they need to play with a separate color of chips to be assigned to them. The buy-in is necessary when players intend to place more than one bet which is a normal conduct expected from roulette players to do.

Roulette players should also avoid leaning too much on the roulette wheel or table and it would be a good courtesy to other players when one does not occupy a big space exclusively for themselves only. Be sure not to knock other player’s chips and courteousness is a virtue that every roulette player must observe when dealing with the croupier and other players as well.

It is often suggested that it is an important etiquette to cash out your chip when you leave the roulette table knowing you may take quite a while before coming back. Holding a seat for too long with many roulette players waiting is unethical. When you want to place a bet on a number where other players already have their chips on, it is a good conduct to just place your chips on top of the other player’s chips. Croupiers are trained to take note of this situation and be assured that payout will be paid correctly to the rightful players. Roulette players who are able to conduct themselves with the right etiquette can gracefully play the game of roulette without any hassles throughout the course of their roulette gambling.