Online Poker Etiquette

When playing online poker you’re in a totally different world than when sitting in a casino. Wile you’re not able to stare your opponents down there are still various points of etiquette you should be aware of to ensure you and all of the players have an enjoyable experience.

It is wise to be polite when using chat, do no swear or use any form of bad language in general. You would not want someone swearing at you for any reason, please put to use the age old rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Do not use chatting as a way to badger other players or to criticize their method of playing. What may be a common way to play to you may be something totally different to another.

Do not discuss the cards within your “hand” with other players while the hand is in progress even if you have folded. It is unwise to give any player an advantage over another. It is a form of cheating allowing players to know what is already out of the game. English is the most common language used in playing online poker. Use only English when chatting. It’s common courtesy and allows you to communicate effectively with your opponents.

When you are in need of a break, take advantage of the sit out option to ensure the game continues to run smoothly without holding it up. Refrain from discussing your hand after each game. After the hand is completed it is generally true that you are the only one interested in the possible outcomes of a hand and it’s irrelevant to your opponents.

Be careful not to point out others mistakes or gloat over winning a hand. It is not polite and perhaps the person is new to the game. By pointing out their mistakes you’re likely to upset them. Do not chat so frequently that you are holding the game up. Keep in mind that most are there for the play first and foremost not to chat.

If you are playing at more than one table be sure to pay attention so you do not hold game play up at any of them. A good thing to practice is playing one table at a time. If you put these general etiquette rules to use you are ensuring yourself and other players an enjoyable online poker experience.