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Introduction to Roulette

Played with an objective of betting on a number that has the maximum probability of being pocketed by the ball, Roulette is a complete fun to play game with no skills required. Roulette is said to be originated somewhere in 17th century and the first Roulette wheel with slight similarities to modern day’s wheel was named Roly Poly.

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette is a wheel game with 1 to 36 number pockets and a single zero (European Roulette) or single and double zero (American Roulette) based on the variant. The game starts with you placing a bet on any specific number or a small or big group of numbers. Once you have made your bet, the wheel spins and the ball rotates.

En Prison and La Partage rule

En Prison is a popular rule that applies to even money bets, but in order to play this rule you must check with your casino. According to this rule, if you bet on an outside bet and the ball stops on zero, you lose half of your bet and can either take back your money or use it’s for the next wheel spin.

La Partage rule is quite similar to En Prison rule with one tiny difference. Not every casino allows La Partage rule, as this bet rule brings down the house edge. La Partage rule also applies to even money ‘outside’ bet. But in this rule, when the ball stops on zero, you get half of your bet back but you cannot use it for the next wheel spin.

Roulette Tip

The only skill involved in a game like Roulette is the bets. Based on the bet you made, you get your payout and the game outcome. For example, when you wage on even money outside bet, you get the privilege of using En Prison rule, which means if you won you get the whole money but if the ball falls on the zero you get to keep your half bet amount or use it for next bet. Some of the betting systems in Roulette, which you must be familiar with, if you want to become a professional are Roulette Betting system, the d’Alembert system, martingale system, Fibrionacci system and so on.